Hello. I’m Justine. I’m a novelist and poet and I live in Brighton, UK. This is what I look like when I’m feeling wistful in the woods:

vignette3 (1 of 1)

My debut novel, Advice for Strays, was published in 2010 under my previous surname Kilkerr. I’m working on my second, Bite Marks, and was awarded a Time To Write grant by Arts Council England to research and complete it.

I have photos.

I have stuff, nonsense and short writings on my Tumblr.

I have a very lovely literary agent.

Things that make me feel happy: being outdoors, risotto, being outdoors while eating risotto, gentle hands, dark forests, creating new worlds using words, making photographs, the ocean, cuddling, the sound of banjos, baby goats, the constellations, wolves, Guinness, the colour orange, the word shenanigans, any combination of these.