My second novel, Bite Marks, is a work in progress and, as of May 2015, I am being funded for time to write by Arts Council England. The book is based on a short story I wrote a few years back, one which has haunted and taunted me until I was forced to admit that it deserved rather more words than the 2100 I’d given it.

OK then.

It is a novel of loss and discovery; of great pine forests and the wolves that haunt them; of the people who hunt them and those who don’t; of wilderness, both without and within; of kin; of family; of home.

The first line?

It is about the teeth.

There are words that follow those five. Hopefully the right words, hopefully the right amount, hopefully in the right order.

Photo of Torak and Mosi, two timber wolves who live at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust

Torak and Mosi, timber wolves who live at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust; I’ll be walking with them in June.

This here website is where I’ll scribble about my research on wolves and landscape, report on progress on the book, post excerpts of both prose and poetry that will make up the novel and generally ponder ‘out loud’ as I struggle to write the book.

Join me. Write to me. Ask me stuff.

I’ll be right here.