Advice for Strays is my first novel (published under my previous surname, Kilkerr) on April 1st 2010. I was keenly aware of the publication date and fully expecting the whole thing to be a joke.

It wasn’t.

When asked about genre (something you shouldn’t ask me about to be honest because I don’t really know), I usually call it a work of magical realism. It’s not. Not really. But that’s the closest label I can apply that other humans understand. And then I call it weird or odd and shuffle my feet and feel both weird and odd. And then the other person usually cocks their head and frowns as if to say “How odd.”

That’s OK. It is odd.

Stuff others have said about Advice for Strays

“Her theme is vast… The world she depicts is complete, savage and real” (The Bookbag)

“An unusual and engaging novel” (Daily Mail)

“This debut is a mystifying, funny and perplexing exploration of what happens when your life goes off the rails – and how to find your way back. Surprising and touching…will leave your imagination soaring” (Stylist)

“Justine Kilkerr tells Marnie’s story with great emotional precision and subtlety, as she journeys through the no-man’s-land between reality and dreams…a delightful and whimsical novel, a most promising debut” (Thomas Tallon Tablet)